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your guide to effective customer service

BY The Sire Team — August 27, 2018

The words “customer service” can resonate very different in a person’s mind. From a business standpoint, those words may refer to a team or department. To a customer however, these words may have a negative connotation due to lengthy phone calls where they are constantly put on hold and problems that are never resolved. One of the most successful ways to grow your business is through positive customer relations. This quick guide will provide tips to keep your customers happy.

What customer service really means.

Customer service is all about serving the needs of customers. It is used to answer questions, problem solve, and instruct on how to use products.

A company’s success can depend greatly on the quality of a customer service interaction. When a customer has a pleasant experience, they will continue to support your company which in turn will increase revenue and reputation. These customers may even refer their friends and family members, which can create even more dedicated customers to your business.

Unfortunately there are times where customers have bad customer service experiences. These customers often post their negative feedback online as well as in person. Online posts can be viewed by many different people, and can sometimes cost you customers along with your good reputation.

Ways to communicate.

There are many different ways that companies can utilize their customer service.

  1. Phone: This form of customer service has been one of the most used for several years. Customers are able call a hotline and have a personal conversation with a customer service representative. This form is currently decreasing in popularity due to more efficient and user-friendly ways.
  2. Email: Email provides a way for a customer service representative to provide a personal experience through a screen. Customers are able to communicate with a rep on their own time, and do not have to be put on hold waiting for a response.
  3. Live chat: Similar to email, live chat is a convenient and easy way for customers to communicate. Live chat widgets located on a company’s web page offer a way for customers to quickly receive responses. Be sure to check out our blog post about live chats for even more valuable information!
  4. Social media: This is a growing form of customer service communication. Customers are able to receive fast responses on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for the customer, and many companies have social media accounts specifically for customer service.
Ultimately the customer is in control. Their expectations are high, and are easily achievable with little to no additional costs. A strong customer service can greatly influence the success of your business. Contact our team for assistance on helping your customers succeed!

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