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Do you blog? Boost business with blogging!

BY Kyle Pauling — June 20, 2017

In the 21st century, business has moved to the digital sphere. Blogging, one such online activity, has become a staple in large and small organizations. Some may see this simply as a trend – something to fade given enough time passes. These people are wrong.


Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants more visits to their website, pages, and social accounts. SEO is a tool that can help direct Google and other search engine results to your page by matching search queries with keywords on your website. If a web user searches for grilling tips on Google, the search engine will spit out links that direct the user to grilling focused webpages. Makes sense, right? Blogging gives your business the opportunity to write about a multitude of topics, thus casting a wide net. When internet users then search online, there is a higher chance that they will find an article written by you, discover your organization, and look for how your business can provide a solution for them.


Content MatterS

Search engine optimization is a big part of driving more traffic to your site, but including buzzwords in your key phrases is not the only piece of the puzzle. The most important offering your business can give to consumers is something of value – a product, service, or piece of information that benefits them and solves a need that was previously unfulfilled. Matching the text of your webpage with common Google searches may deliver more visits, but if web users do not find value on your site then they will move on.

That is why your business needs to produce content that consumers find interesting, engaging, and worthwhile. Consumers should find your business offering (again, this doesn’t mean just product or service) so valuable that they visit your site before your competitor’s, consult with your team before your competitor’s, and do business with you rather than your competitor. This is the heart and soul of blogging.


Offer Insights

One way that your organization can offer value is through industry insights. You are an expert in your field so let others know that. Showcase what distinguishes your firm from the rest, how you satisfy clients' needs, or any tidbit of knowledge that you find valuable in your area of business. As an example, refer to this blog post by our graphic designer Brody Gray about logo design.


Build A Relationship

Another important feature of your blog should be to easily allow for comments and interactions between the organization and its readers. Responding to readers’ inquiries indicates to them that you listen to customers, incorporate their feedback, and coordinate with them to deliver a unique offering that better solves their problem.

There is a powerful effect of delivering value to your customers – trust is earned. Trust is essential to any long-term relationship between your organization and customer. When customers trust your organization, they are more loyal, spend more, and refer others to your business. 

Blogging is here, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With this information, your organization can utilize your blog to attract new users, keep them longer, and garner more rewarding relationships with your clientele.

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