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Improve Your Search Engine Optimization With These Tips

BY Kyle Pauling — July 25, 2017

Search engine optimization can be a tricky task to perfect. Constantly evolving - the most effective keywords, phrases, and search prose can prove difficult to track - requiring frequent copy and SEO updates for your organization's website. In this article, we'll look at some effective strategies and methodologies when tackling this behemoth of a marketing tool.

Optimize for Mobile

As of October 2016, mobile users now account for 51.3% of all web browsing. Appeal to this growing audience by optimizing your page titles and meta descriptions. Since mobile users have less screen space and generally are more on-the-go than desktop users, be short and sweet with page URLs and headings. Descriptive URLs containing keywords and phrases has been a tool for SEO for years, but short URLs may lead to higher rankings in search engine results. Importantly, the conciseness should not come at the cost of offering quality information.

Local Focus

According to Google, four out of five customers use search engines for local search. The problem is that many small businesses have not claimed a listing on an online business directory. Take advantage of this situation by featuring your organization on sites like Yelp, Manta, Citysearch, and others. It's also beneficial to be listed in your local newspaper and Chamber of Commerce business directory.

Since Google is the most popular search engine, including your business on Google My Business provides a huge opportunity to widen your reach. In addition to being visible on Search and Maps, GMB outlines a brief blurb about your organization like the address, hours, and contact information. Another nice aspect of the tool is that it refers users to your website where they can gather more in-depth details and specifics about your organization. For information on how to setup this free listing, click here.

Improve User Experience

Once an user lands on your site, focus on making their experience easy, fluid, and stress-free. You want the web traffic to stay on your site, click through your pages, and discover worthwhile information - indicating to Google that you offer helpful and high quality. Google loves to use metrics like Time on Page, Bounce Rate, and Unique Views when determining which sites to rank higher than others. Their algorithms favor sites that can answer users' search queries quickly and comprehensively. Better metrics improve your chances of appearing at the top of the search engine result and gaining more traffic.

Better Business

Utilizing these tips can improve the visibility of your firm and drive more sales - results we all want in the world of business. While search engine optimization is a major process that is always adapting to new vernacular patterns and trends, your organization can now be on the path to mastering this crucial online skill.

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