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what customers really desire

BY The Sire Team — September 3, 2018

 Customer shopping habits are evolving. In a fast-paced society where a phone is always nearby, convenience is vital. Companies must adapt to these changes in order to satisfy their customers. We have provided some helpful information to find out what customers are really looking for.  

potential drawbacks.

Before diving into what customers really desire, let’s first rule out what they don’t want.

  • Shipping speed/costs: Many individuals will not purchase an item due to high shipping costs as well as slow shipping, even if it is an item they had originally really wanted. A way to decrease this issue is to have a minimum purchasing amount to unlock free shipping. This method is especially helpful when free shipping for all orders is not in your budget.
  • Not able to test products: Many customers will seek out a similar item from competitors if they are not able to really view the product. Seeing a few pictures on the internet is not the same as seeing the product in person, which is a drawback of online shopping. The best way to approach this concern is to incorporate videos of your products, services, or locations so customers are able to get up close and personal with your company.
  • Complicated website/checkout: If a customer cannot easily navigate your website, they will simply click off of it (and most likely not return). Make sure your website is user friendly and is very easy to navigate.

positive considerations.

Aside from the previous points, there are a few more factors that customers do seek out.

  • Discounts/promos: Small discounts can be very valuable to a customer. It helps to make the customer feel that they are receiving the best deal possible, which gives them the push to purchase.
  • Good selection: Make sure that you have a variety of options for your customer to consider. All customers seek out something different. Thus, providing options will lessen the chance that they will seek out a different site for their needs.
  • Free returns: Ordering online can be tricky because oftentimes the image online is not what shows up to your door. Many customers will not even order from a site if they have a short window to return an item, or if the return fee is too expensive.

give them what they want.

One way to make customers feel more secure in their purchases is by including a section for customer reviews. This way they will be able to see feedback from real customers, which can be another factor for locking down a purchase. Make sure you are providing an experience that is user friendly and will give your customers exactly what they are looking for.

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