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Tradeshow Secrets to Success

BY Sumer Beatty — April 20, 2017

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Whether you are considering attending your first tradeshow or you’ve been traveling the show circuit for years, Sire’s team can help you plan a successful event or breathe life into an age-old ritual. As you know, a lot goes into a successful tradeshow event. Sire’s team has years of experience helping businesses and organizations make the most of their tradeshow experience. From pre-show promotion to post-show follow-up, Sire can work with your organization to develop a well-planned strategy that will help you attract more viable leads and translate them into sales, even after the show is over.

You may be wondering where to start. We’ve organized our approach into three stages. Think about how you will promote your attendance before the event, what you will distribute at the event to achieve brand recognition, and how you will follow-up on leads post-show.

1. Pre-Market the Show

Exhibiting at a show is a big financial investment, so crossing your fingers and hoping that your audience will show up simply won't cut it. Once you've rented your booth space, it's time to plan out a pre-marketing plan. Make sure these three items are on your list:

  • Social media strategy
  • Scheduled email blasts
  • Pre-promotion materials

Sire Advertising offers a wide variety of services that can equip your business with the necessary tools to attract clients to your tradeshow booth. With our extensive email marketing experience, and social media expertise, we can help get your target audience excited about your upcoming booth. We also offer a free consultation to anyone interested in making updates to their current tradeshow preparation.

2. Be Smart About Giveaways 

Giveaways can be a good hook or a waste of money. The difference lies in choosing the right item to feature your logo on. Pens are a classic, because everyone needs them - but if you want to break through the noise, and avoid the pen pinchers, it may be time for a different approach. A great giveaway will do three important things:

  • Attract clients
  • Represent your brand
  • Won't break your bank

With our competitive pricing, and creative design team, we can create something that will wow your audience. We'd be more than happy to discuss what options are best for you!

3. Choose the Right Marketing Materials

Brochures, flyers, banners, oh my! When it comes to marketing materials, the list can go on forever. It's critical that your business is represented in an attractive, savvy, and relevant way. Whether it's your brochure, display, banner, or even branding, it's important to alway shave your best foot forward when you're in front of customers.

At Sire Advertising, we can help you create a marketing package and strategy that exemplifies your brand and draws in prospects. Our team can:

The opportunities are endless! To learn more about how to have success at your next tradeshow, call Sire Advertising today at 570.743.3900.

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