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power up your message with Personalization

BY The Sire Team — December 7, 2018

Personalization in marketing has largely changed over the past several years. Including someone’s name at the top of direct mail or an email is no longer engaging enough. In order to reach a larger audience, your brand must understand the consumer and be able to target each individual with different messages. This type of marketing can be very hard to achieve, but our team at Sire Advertising has compiled some helpful advice for personalization marketing.

Understand the Consumer

In order to fulfill the customer’s needs, you first need to understand the consumer by figuring out what is important to them and learn about their interests and habits. Consumers are not as likely to engage in a generic message, especially one that does not apply to them.

Providing the Right Information

One way to offer this personalized information is through websites. If a consumer lands on your website via online advertising, then the page they are led to should match up with the advertisement. More often than not consumers are in researching mode rather than buying mode, meaning they are visiting multiple different sites to find the best product or price. If their personalized advertisement takes them directly to what they are looking for, there is a greater chance that they will stay on your site and not look for competitors.

Helpful Customer Service

Another way to provide personalization is through customer service. If your site has a Chatbot or messaging option, this will add to the overall experience. Online chats are quick and convenient, and provide the customer with a better experience. For more information on online chats, check out our previous blog post boost customer service with an online chat.

Providing your customers with a personalized experience can help form a positive relationship and increase your brand’s reputation. For more help with personalization marketing, contact our team today!

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