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Logo Design Rules For Branding Your Business

BY Brody Gray — March 28, 2017

Logos are the bedrock of a company’s brand. A great logo design uses colors, typefaces, and icons that can make or break a company’s image. Here is some information to keep in mind as you consider a new logo.

1. What types of logos are there?

  • Wordmarks: Freestanding word or multi-letter groupings that together make up a logo.
  • Letter Forms: These logos have an icon that is formed from generally a single letter.
  • Pictorial: Pictorial logos have an icon that is an easily recognizable thing.
  • Abstract: Abstract logos don’t necessarily have a recognizable element to them. They are generally simple shapes and lines, but when done correctly, they can convey the emotion that a company desires.

When thinking about a new logo for your business, product, or brand, take into consideration which of these might work best for your particular business. 

2. What key points of my business should my logo convey?

Clarity is key when it comes to talking about your new logo design. Think about what you want to say about your company and let the creative professionals mold your brand. A well-respected construction company generally wouldn’t want to have a “pretty and pink” logo. They should have a steadfast logo that backs-up their solid work.

3. Where and how should I display my logo?

The real question should be: “Where shouldn’t I display my logo?” Your new logo will end up being on a myriad of different surfaces. From t-shirts to business cards and your website to your exterior signs. Think about how your logo is going to look at the size of an Instagram avatar and at the size of a wall. Less is definitely more with a logo.


4. Should I worry now about how my logo will look in 10 years?

Most logos will need some updating after living for a decade. The most important part is to get it right the first time. This way when 2027 rolls around and you come to Sire Advertising it can be a quick and easy update. Take the Sire Advertising Logo design, for example. 

Are you ready for a new logo design? Call Sire Advertising at 570.743.3900 to learn more about our branding solutions for your business!

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