Is direct mail making a marketing comeback?

BY Sumer Beatty — September 8, 2017

Over the past 10 years, the tables have turned. Businesses have switched from a focus on traditional mailings to digital marketing. Email marketing is extremely cost effective and offers superior trackability and analytics. However, this shift also means consumers have more marketing emails flooding their inbox than ever before. Lots of incoming emails coupled with increasing spam filtering can make it difficult to reach your audience. It also means lots of competition for your message.

So, if you’re wondering if direct mail could make a comeback, the answer is – yes!

Direct mail may be just the ticket to reach consumers. Fewer businesses using traditional mail means less competition in the mailbox. Postcards, letters, and other mailings have nearly reached novelty status with millennials. Mail is fun to receive again and having a tangible coupon or offer on-hand brings top of mind awareness for a longer period of time, when compared to email marketing.

In fact, recent studies conducted by Summit Research and Quad indicate that because millennials receive less mail they actually prefer it and are more likely to notice it. A few of their findings include:

  • 84% of millennials take time to look through their mail.
  • Nearly half of millennials ignore digital ads.
  • Only 15% ignore direct mail.
  • 77% pay attention to direct mail advertising.

Now’s the time to consider how your organization can use direct mail to communicate with your audience. Take advantage of all the extra space in the consumer’s mailbox by drawing attention to your organization. Tell them how you can make their lives easier. Announce a new deal, limited-time offer, or incentive! Be creative with your approach. Consider a unique paper stock, fun shape, or stand-apart marketing message that will drive sales!

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