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Incorporate Video to Increase Business

BY Kyle Pauling — July 25, 2017

To engage with consumers in a meaningful way, more and more organizations are pushing video content on their website and social media channels. Let's explore what makes this medium worth your time and money.

Video Boosts Conversions, Sales

Incorporating the dynamic medium on your landing pages can increase your conversions by 80%! Studies showed that an instructional or informational video about a product led to 74% of web viewers then purchasing that product. Your web traffic is willing to buy, but they must first know what your product is, how to use it, and how it makes their lives easier.

GREAT Return on Investment

In any business or organization, effectively spending your resources is critical for success. 76% of businesses say their investment in video content marketing yielded good results, and that investment is cheaper than you may think. Your smartphone records decent video already, and editing software is always improving and becoming more affordable. An important note when making video is that the content is the most important part. The design and picture quality are not as vital to consumers as the explanation about your product or service, for example.

Mobile Appeal

From 2012 to 2014, mobile video views skyrocketed by 400%! YouTube claims that mobile views grow 100% each year. With increasing mobile viewership and smartphone ownership, your audience is constantly expanding. With 55% of people watching online video every day, this presents a massive opportunity for your organization to reach and cultivate an online community. Recurring viewership plays hand-in-hand with brand loyalty, trust, and long-term customer relationship building. Just utilizing video content on your sites can improve your firm's long-term success.

SEO Loves Video

Video holds your audience's attention longer than traditional media or text, and longer viewer exposure signals to search engines that your site offers quality content. A website with an embedded video is 53 times more likely to be listed first on Google than traditional websites. Take advantage of search engine optimization by titling your video in specific terms, enabling long tail viewership. With specific keywords, Google's algorithms could direct web traffic to your video for years.

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