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it's time to re-think your online strategy!

BY Sumer Beatty — September 30, 2017

Are potential customers finding your site? Is your website generating leads for your business? Are you following up with leads in a timely fashion? Building and maintaining a successful and effective website can be daunting task. It doesn’t have to be!

A number of years ago, websites were developed with the goal of being an educational counterpart to other collateral such as brochures, catalogs, and handouts. Having a website was part of owning a professional business and its purpose was simple. It was a virtual brochure. Now, we understand that an effective website has the power to do so much more!

  • Generates a new level of interest among visitors
  • Moves visitors further along the buying process
  • Offers a number of ways in which the visitor can request more information
  • Captures new leads and sets in place a way in which the business can communicate with these potential customers further

We call this new methodology -inbound marketing! It’s the perfect way to attract new clients. Inbound marketing focuses on driving new leads to your website through email, blogging, social media, and search engine marketing. The idea is to boost viewers and increase potential business. Then, take those potential customers and court them through the decision-making process.


New Call-to-action

For example, you might publish a blog that discusses the benefits of building a modular home. A potential client may find your blog post in a Google search. This person could read the article and browse a few pages on your site. After gaining a level of trust in your group and seeing that you may have something to offer him/her, that person may submit an online inquiry to learn more. We may ask them some questions about their timeframe or location and use that information to communicate with them through a series of emails. You may host an open house at a model home and send an email newsletter with details. This person may attend the open house. After speaking with a member of the sales team, this person is now ready to discuss specifics. There are a number of ways in which we can help you boost leads. As you can see, inbound strategies can be a highly effective way of transitioning warm leads into sales!

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