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Deliver Results with Every Door Direct!

BY Sumer Beatty — July 25, 2017

Promoting local business has never been easier! Thanks to the USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDD®) program, businesses can now target individuals, through direct mail, in specific postal zones at a reduced cost compared to first-class postage.

The value of this program stretches the dollar even further for local business, which means more eyes on your brand and marketing message for a lower investment. What’s better is that EDD even gives you the option to select the age group, income level, and household size of your audience if you’d like.

Combine the power of EDD with Sire’s award-winning creative team and your direct mail piece is sure to make an impact, boost awareness, and improve your bottom line. Plus, with Sire’s full-service approach, our team handles everything from design to delivery. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify your target market. The first step is determining who you want to receive your message. Would you like to target a specific demographic or send to everyone within a pre-determined area?
  2. Next, select your audience. From highly targeted lists to the EDD program, we can identify the most appropriate and audience for your marketing needs.
  3. Then, develop the creative. Our creative team will develop an eye-catching design in line with your marketing strategy. Whether you prefer a standard postcard or something more non-traditional, the options for personalizing your unique message are limitless.
  4. Finally, mail your message. We’ll handle the rest! Sire will prepare the mailing, deliver to the post office and make sure your message reaches the mailboxes of your prospects.

Did you know?

By incorporating a direct mail program into a company's marketing plan, the business can boost ROI by 20% and increase the effectiveness of local advertising by up to 44%!

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