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business anniversary marketing tips

BY The Sire Team — September 5, 2017

Business anniversaries are an excellent time to call attention to your brand! We recommend focusing on the major milestones such as 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 25 years, and so on. Here's how to leverage your next important milestone to attract new business and foster employee pride.

Getting Started

A successful business anniversary marketing campaign begins with a solid plan that includes your goals and overall results you want to achieve. Here are some questions to consider when formulating your plan:

  • Are you looking to give your business more credibility?
  • Do you want to reintroduce products or services?
  • Are you about to launch new products or service offerings?
  • Do you want to refresh your branding and image?
  • Are you looking to differentiate your business from competitors?
  • Do you want to generate awareness and obtain more sales leads?
  • Are you looking to motivate your sales team and employees?

Unsure where to start or how to make your anniversary marketing plan? Contact Sire Advertising to determine a strategy that is right for your unique goals. Together, we can hold a brainstorming session to discuss the ideal strategy and define the targeted business goals that are right for your organization. 

*Marketing Tip: Creating a special, anniversary logo is often the first step in anniversary promotion. An eye-catching logo can be used on your website, packaging, promotional materials, and signage

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Stability equals loyalty

About two-thirds of business survive two years in business. Half of all businesses will survive five years. One-third will survive ten years. When you consider these statistics, that gives your business a great reason to celebrate every major milestone in your first 2-10 years. Customers and employees want to see your business succeed, and take pride in helping you reach those milestones. Regardless of how long you've been in business, two years or 150, you can still leverage the same marketing strategies!

Most young companies or smaller businesses don't have large budgets to spend on promotion, but a little creativity can go a long way. Sire Advertising will help ensure that you get the most impact out of every dollar with small, but impressive strategies that can easily be applied to all your correspondence, packaging and envelopes.

*Marketing Tip: When dealing with a newer company, customers want to feel that the company will be around for a long time; that’s why conveying a sense of stability is so important. Use themes like “We’re #1 and growing strong” to reinforce your company’s position in the marketplace. 

Banners and Signage

Imagine driving up to your store or business and seeing a banner featuring your logo or celebration theme. Not only will banners and signs grab attention, but they are excellent ways to build credibility with your customers. Keep the celebration atmosphere going indoors, by extending the messaging to pennants or smaller banners. Even the smallest touch can be a memorable one while encouraging anyone and everyone to feel part of the celebration.

*Marketing Tip: Effective marketing builds power by using the same message and graphics across all of your advertising. Create a postcard or direct mail flyer. Consider a pairing with a special anniversary promotion and send it to customers and prospects a few days before your event or promotion begins. You may also consider adding your anniversary logo to your email signature! 

Combine Anniversary and Sale Event

As mentioned above, you can also turn your anniversary or milestone achievement into a sales-driven event by combining it with a special promotion. This promotes both a milestone and a reason to come in for a great deal. Add extra power to your promotion by including a weekly drawing. It will help keep the celebration excitement fresh while giving customers a reason to come back time and time again.

Giveaways are always incredibly popular and powerful. Offer customers a free hat or T-shirt featuring your commemorative anniversary logo. Make sure you give them to vendors, too. When worn, they are advertising your success!

Sire Advertising is your one-stop source for putting ideas like these into action. Our team can help you determine sizes and quantity for your promotional items, make the right style and color choices, and figure out the best type of signage or banner for your particular venue.

*Marketing Tip: Make sure you include your employees in your promotion. After all, each and every one is a ‘brand ambassador.’ Hats, shirts, jackets – all emblazoned with your commemorative logo and slogan – will convey their pride in the company while also spreading the word about your years in business. 

Get the Word OUt on Your Website

Your website is an important component of your business and a 24 hours a day/7 days a week opportunity to promote your anniversary marketing initiative. Additionally, email blasts and eCoupons are effective strategies for “pushing” your campaign out to your customers and prospects. Here are some actionable suggestions for taking it all online:

  • Apply a digital version of your special anniversary logo and theme to your website homepage.
  • Create a pop-up window, linked to the logo, that briefly tells your milestone story and how customers can become involved.
  • Send out a series of email blasts to your customers and prospects. Include a contest, promotion or coupon to help drive response.
  • Create a guestbook that allows customers and prospects to send their congratulations. Make sure you include contact fields for capturing their information. Add a thank-you confirmation page that allows them to sign up for future promotion alerts, special offers and new product or service announcements.

These are only some of the products and services that Sire Advertising can provide to help you bring your business achievement to life and make your anniversary marketing campaign is as impactful and successful as possible. Contact us today to discuss your particular milestone and create an effective anniversary marketing plan!


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