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boost ROI with Geofencing!

BY The Sire Team — July 16, 2018

Accuracy is an important aspect of all marketing campaigns. We are always looking for innovative ways to better spend advertising dollars and push more money where it will generate the highest return on investment. Enter: Geofencing!

 Have you ever downloaded a mobile app and wondered how it could be free? The odds are that app is using your GPS location to generate location-specific advertising opportunities. Interesting, right? Let’s take a look at how this technology could benefit your business.

reduced Ad Spend.

In the world of digital marketing, geofencing is an excellent way to narrow your focus and show your ads only to people who are in your ‘fence’. Imagine casting an invisible net across your geographic target location and only showing your ad to individuals located in that area. This net would create a fence that would include only relevant patrons and exclude the rest.

Thanks to this innovative technology, we can help our customers isolate specific audiences and identify geographic locations of most interest to them. This often means a lower investment cost because you are only advertising to your potential customers.

 GPS Accuracy.

Imagine you are a promoting an event in downtown Philadelphia. We can serve your ads to individuals who are in your area during the timeframe of your specific event. Or, in the case of a coffee shop, geofencing can target patrons walking downtown in the vicinity of your location. In the case of apps, retailers can even send text messages to users who are near their storefront.

 precise Targeting.

Fences or target locations can be setup as small as 1,000 square feet or as large as 30,000 meters. This level of accuracy leads to better performing ads, more in-store traffic, and ultimately higher sales revenue.

 Competitor Geofencing.

We can take this technology one step further by identifying your main competitors. Using custom mapping or even the name of a national chain, we can also show your ads to potential customers who are near these storefronts. The opportunities for using geofencing to boost sales are tremendous!

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