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boost customer service with an online chat

BY The Sire Team — August 20, 2018

Have you ever waited days for a response from a business’ customer service – or maybe never even received a response at all? It can often be a major hassle to deal with customer service teams, and you may even decide it’s not worth the frustration. Luckily, there is a way to reduce this problem for your customers and prospects. Adding a live chat feature to your website offers many benefits that can significantly improve the customer support experience for your clients.

Quick & Convenient.

Time is valuable, and often customers are hesitant to call a support line due to long wait times. With a live chat feature, customers do not have to be attached to their phone for lengthy periods and are able to go about their daily routine while still receiving the answers they desire.

During a live chat support, reps are able to maintain conversation with the customers while also having time to troubleshoot, often handling multiple cases at once. This helps to improve output and overall work efficiency.

Accurate & Timely.

When on a service call with a client, the rep must be able to give responses fairly quickly because it is a running conversation. However, when using a live chat, the rep has time to think and answer the client’s message as efficiently as possible. The chat feature lessens the pressure of proving an immediate response and allows them enough time to critically think about how they can meet the customer’s needs.

Customer Friendly.

During a phone call interaction, individuals may come across many roadblocks. There are often language barriers, misunderstandings, and individuals who may be hard of hearing. These roadblocks are all reduced with this feature, ensuring an overall more pleasant experience.

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